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By Chris Zinck on 2/24/2011 12:00 AM
About a year ago, I posted information regarding issues with DEP (Data Execution Protection) and Accpac addins written in .Net. ( While my post addressed the issue from the point of view of running the app, there is an outstanding issue of debugging this apps. Under the default situation, debugging a .Net Accpac addin that uses Accpac controls will cause the program to fail. The underlying reason for this relates to Visual Studio's use of a hosting process to run the debuggee. This process is started by launching the VSHOST32.EXE process which then launches the debuggee. The reason this generates DEP errors is that the VSHOST32.EXE process has the NXCOMPAT flag set. This turns DEP on regardless of what is set in the debuggee process binary. To solve this problem, you need to modify the VSHOST32.EXE process. Run the EDITBIN utility on the VSHOST32.EXE...



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