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Private Equity

Z Capital Partners, LLC (“ZCP”) is the private equity fund management platform of ZCG that has industry leading returns. ZCP pursues a strategy of acquiring companies that are growth platforms, corporate carve-outs, buy & build, go-private transactions, and turn arounds.

ZCP has a specialized approach including our consulting practice, ZCG Consulting (“ZCGC”), and technology affiliate, Haptiq, to assist in significant value-creation initiatives across portfolio companies.

For almost 30 years, ZCP Principals have invested approximately $26 billion in numerous industries including consumer products, consumer food, restaurants, gaming, hospitality, manufacturing, media, publishing, metals and business services.

ZCP current portfolio companies have aggregate worldwide annual revenues of approximately $2 billion, sell products in 120 countries, operate 15 manufacturing facilities, and have over 200,000 employees and associates directly and through joint ventures.


Z Capital Credit Partners, LLC (“ZCCP”) is the credit fund management platform of ZCG that has industry leading returns. ZCCP invests across a range of credit investments including leveraged loans, private debt, direct lending, and opportunistic credit. ZCCP manages closed and open ended funds as well as structured vehicles of strategic debt.

ZCCP utilizes an approach of fundamental credit analysis, developed nearly 30 years, through proprietary sourcing, sophisticated structuring and comprehensive risk management utilizing the Olympus™ system.

For almost 30 years, ZCCP Principals have deployed approximately $26 billion in numerous industries.

NSIA-ZCG Infrastructure Joint Venture

The Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority ("NSIA") and ZCG have formed a joint venture to invest in infrastructure across Africa to leverage the continent's unique economic and financial opportunities.

The Joint Venture benefits from the combined resources of ZCG, ZCG Consulting ("ZCGC"), & Haptiq Technology ("Haptiq"), as well as the extensive infrastructure expertise and successful history of NSIA.

Key focus areas of the investment strategy include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Industrialization
  • Climate resilient infrastructure, and
  • Technology