Paula Gentile

Managing Director, ZCG Consulting - Head of Insurance & Risk Management
Department: ZCG Consulting

Ms. Gentile is a Managing Director, Head of Insurance & Risk Management, at ZCG Consulting (“ZCGC”) where she is responsible for evaluating and developing complex risk management programs including insurance coverage for ZCG and its portfolio companies. Ms. Gentile has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial business insurance, construction insurance and risk management.

Prior to joining ZCGC, Ms. Gentile was a Senior Vice President with MGM Resorts where she was responsible for risk management, insurance and claims, including first party and third-party claims for the entire portfolio of MGM companies. During her tenure with MGM she was responsible, among other things, for developing insurance programs for construction of new hotel/casino locations and establishing risk management and insurance programs for newly constructed or acquired properties, including two properties in Macao.

Ms. Gentile holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University College of Law.